30 days of biking: day three

Meet Ruby:


Ruby is the single speed I bought to ride to work on. She’s made of glitter. That’s right, actual shiny, red glitter! I love her very much.

Before today I hadn’t ridden to work since October. It’s been cold, wet and I’ve found a million and one excuses not to ride. But today the sun was shining and, on my first day of work since the beginning of 30 days of biking, I couldn’t very well drive could I?!

It’s only a 3 mile trip each way, so not far at all. It felt further on the way in today though, as I was cycling into a strong, rather chilly head wind. But despite that, I got to work grinning. And I got home from work grinning. There’s something so lovely about the simplicity of pedaling along on a single speed bike in the sunshine, enjoying the cycle paths and noticing the little things, like the daffodils that are still fighting against the chilly weather.

Yes it was a bit nippy, and yes I had to get changed when I got to work, but that doesn’t matter. Commuting by bike was fun today!

PS – In case you’re interested, Ruby is a Charge Hob and I couldn’t be more pleased with how she looks, feels and rides. I also quite like the admiring glances she picks up!

5 thoughts on “30 days of biking: day three

  1. babygreens says:

    Hello! Found you and your blog via a Twitter suggestion. I love your Ruby glitter bike, I think the current purple one is very pretty too. You’re doing really well on 30 days of biking.

    • babygreens says:

      I am so late to this – sorry! Yes, I do ride, though nowhere near as often and as far as I would like. I learned to ride as an adult 3 years back and have a HardRock which has barely made it out of the garage this year, a Vita which I love almost as much as my daughter and a Dawes steel mixte which I use for running errands.

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