30 days of biking: day 14

Day 14 eh?! That means I’m nearly half way through this 30 day challenge. I’m quite impressed that I’ve got this far!

Day 14 brought a pretty strong southerly wind, which put me off going out when the alarm went off this morning (that’s right, I’d set my alarm on a Sunday morning – that’s what 30 days of biking has done to me!!). So, I went about my day, visiting a friend in Chippenham. After driving home through an awful lot of rain, I still didn’t really feel up for going on a ride.

This was the first day in this challenge when I’ve looked out of the window and struggled with cycling motivation. Thankfully my husband was on hand to give me a kick up the bum (only figuratively of course…), and got me out on Rosie, my road bike. We did the same loop that we did yesterday and as soon as I was out pedaling I remembered that I really do love riding my bike!

Today I felt a little more in control of Rosie, despite the strong winds. I’m gradually getting used to the previously alien riding position and the super twitchy nature of a road bike. With a little more practice, I might even venture down onto the drops. But that’s for another day. For now, I’ll leave you with a somewhat fuzzy picture of me making my way up one of the many climbs on today’s ride:


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