Cwmcarn and the aftermath

On Wednesday, I finally made it to Cwmcarn to ride the red trail there. I’d been talking about doing this for a while, so when the lovely Sara from the Bristol Bikellas suggested we take a post-work trip to make the most of the long summer long evenings, I jumped at the chance.

I’ll admit, I was slightly nervous, because whenever I mention Cwmcarn to anyone, they always talk about that climb. And they are right, the climb is a beast!! It’s long and it’s technical, but getting to the top certainly feels good!

We made it!

We made it!

We took the optional black route at the top of the descent, which was a lot of fun, until Sara’s chain exploded! Being the fabulous independent women that we are, we soon had her fixed up and on her way again.

Sara's awesome chain fixing skills

Sara’s awesome chain fixing skills

The rest of the ride was a lot of fun and we got back to the car with big grins and a sense of achievement to match.

The next day is when it all started to go wrong. I had felt a pain in my thumb whilst riding the climb in the evening, but on Thursday morning I woke up unable to move my thumb and in a lot of pain. A trip to hospital later and I learnt that I’ve torn the ligaments in my thumb and now have to wear a splint for six weeks.

Six weeks! That’s six weeks of no driving, no lifting, and, most distressingly, no riding!!! What am I to do?! We were meant to be going to Spain on a mountain biking holiday next week and have had to cancel that. But I’m more upset about how far I will have set myself back fitness and learning wise in that time. I’m frustrated to say the least.

So, if I’m quiet on here for a few weeks, you’ll know why – I’ve been banned from putting hand to handlebar and foot to pedal. Bah!!

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