Learning from the best

This weekend has been utterly brilliant. Yesterday saw me riding 28 miles on my Cotic Roadrat, simply because the sun was shining, and today was full of downhill action!

I spent this morning getting another installment of coaching from the ever-awesome Katy Curd. Last time I saw her we spent a lot of time working on cornering and doing some techy climbing, so this time I asked to focus on more techy downhill stuff. This seemed particularly important at the mo, as I’m off to Spain with my bike in a few weeks and I’ve heard the ground’s kinda loose!

So, we spent a good couple of hours playing on the downhill trails at the Forest of Dean. Katy was teaching me where I should be putting my weight – not as far back as I normally go – where I should be looking and how I could use my legs to make more room for the bike to move around underneath me. I was really impressed with the confidence that the session instilled in me and am still surprised now at some of the trails I managed.

I loved it so much that I insisted on going back for another play on the trails with the Mr after lunch. He took a few photos of me conquering one of the looser descents. And Katy, in case you read this, I know that my weight is too far back in these!!





Now I just need to work out how I’m going to fit in some practice next weekend!

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