Lovely Long Mynd

Last week The Mr and I decided to take a break. It’s been a crazy few months for us both work-wise, so the idea of getting away and chilling out for a few days was very appealing, especially as the weather forecast was looking really good! So I snuck in a cheeky late notice leave request at work and turned the weekend into a three day one. We did a bit of research for mountain biking venues within a certain distance and struck gold with Long Mynd in Shropshire.

The lovely Laraine over at 6 Hour Marathon had been to Shropshire recently and written some lovely stuff about it and it’s safe to say she was right. We had a truly brilliant time, with some excellent riding. We found a route guide in an old MBR magazine and enjoyed two days exploring on the Long Mynd, enjoying really beautiful views, big climbs (although enjoying might not be the right word) and the brilliant descent that is Minton Batch.

Some highlights were:

• The little river crossings coming out of the National Trust car park at Carding Mill Valley (beware the killer climb that comes next – it’s a pusher)
• The little natural kickers that run all the way along the road at the top of the hill – I managed to jump off quite a few of them!
• The chocolate cake at the pub in Marshbrook – mmmmmm!
• Finding a secret little trail through a hole in the hedge!
• Riding through the landing area of a gliding club, with a glider zooming in over our heads!
• Minton Batch – fabulous little stretch of single track along the side of a stream – try it!
• Another great descent down to Little Stretton, across the open hills
• A sneaky little trip to enjoy the empty trails of the Forest of Dean on the Monday, where I got to play on the downhill trails without the scary pyjama-clad folks whizzing down behind me!

All in all it was a great trip! Here are some pics:






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