It’s ok to take a break: getting over injury

I’ve been very quiet on here lately. The main reason for that? I’ve not been riding my bike very much. In fact, for the last couple of months or so I’ve been limited to very little bike time whilst I get over a strained ligament in my wrist and hamstring tendonitis, which is making my knee rather grumpy.

My physio set me exercises, which I’ve been doing religiously. But she also told me that I mustn’t push myself too hard if I want to enjoy my upcoming holiday with A Quick Release in the Pyrenees.

For the first few weeks, this was very much not ok. I was going crazy, only doing minimal gym work and not getting out in the fresh air. It’s fair to say that I wasn’t being the most patient of patients.

But in the last couple of weeks I’ve begun to do something that has actually felt quite comforting – I’ve started to accept the limitations being injured has put on me. Instead of huffing and puffing about not riding, I’ve encouraged my husband to go for a pedal while I meet up with friends or read a book. It’s quite something, this acceptance lark. Once I finally stopped being impatient and tutting about the situation, I suddenly felt a whole lot more free. The silly, niggling injuries are no longer controlling my thoughts and I’m able to enjoy the other activities I’ve been able to do.

So the lesson here? It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to take time to look after yourself. If you’re injured, try to accept it and see it as an opportunity to take some time for yourself. In doing so, you’ll stop obsessing over what you can’t do and see opportunities instead. And who knows, perhaps the positive outlook will actually help the healing process. Even if it doesn’t, it should make the time off your bike feel like it’s passing a little quicker.

Have you had to deal with an injury that’s stopped you from riding?* What are your tips for dealing with it? I’d love to hear your wisdom!


* that almost sounded like I was going to go into a ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ advert didn’t it??



4 thoughts on “It’s ok to take a break: getting over injury

  1. Allysse Riordan says:

    I am terrible when it comes to injury. A while back I got a sprained ankle and it drove me mad not to be able to ride or hike until it got better. I wasn’t a very patient patient either. Unfortunately I have no wisdom to share. I’m afraid I was just unbearable while my ankle healed. So I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the comments to get some wisdom for when the next injury will come.

    • sconecycling says:

      Thanks for your comment Allysse. It’s so tough to relax and just let yourself heal isn’t it? I hope your ankle is all sorted now and you don’t have any more injuries coming your way

      • Allysse Riordan says:

        It really is 🙂 And yet it’s so essential.
        Thanks, it’s all fine now. My ankle just seems to let me know when the weather’s damp. But even that is becoming less now.
        I hope your own injuries are healing nicely and will be fully in the past soon.

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