Kit review: Morvelo women’s emblem undershorts

I’ve loved the chamois in Morvelo kit ever since I first tried the Brighton-based company’s winter bib tights a couple of years ago. It’s the most comfortable I’ve come across and I wax lyrical about it to anyone who’ll listen (including you lovely lot!). The only problem with the bib shorts and tights I’ve bought from them before is that the chamois is a little over-bulky for your average mountain bike ride. As I stand up a lot more in mountain biking than I do on a road bike, the extra padding isn’t always necessary, and it can cause my baggies to feel a little tighter than I’d like on my cyclist’s derriere.

So imagine my excitement when I read this line on the Morvelo site:  “Our undershorts use a slimmer version of our award winning road bib short pad for unparalleled comfort”. These words describe the Emblem Undershorts in Morvelo’s new mountain bike range. Of course I ordered them straight away and was desperate to give them a go.

When the shorts arrived, I was pleased to find that they are made from a thinner material than Morvelo’s bib shorts are. I assume this is because these ones are designed to be undershorts and therefore will be worn beneath a pair of baggy shorts, rather than being the only layer you wear. Whilst it is thinner, the fabric seems to be of good quality and feels barely there on your thighs.

When I first tried these shorts on, I got a little nervous as the chamois felt strangely light at the front, so much so that I took them off to check that it was indeed all there! It was, of course, but I was left feeling a little wary about how comfortable I would be on the saddle.  I needn’t have worried though; when I wore these undershorts on a cross country ride in the Mendips last week, my bottom and other sensitive areas were just fine. The ride was one with more pedaling than some, so it was a good opportunity for that particular test.


The chamois (image from

But what I was most impressed with is how comfortable the Emblem Undershorts were around my thighs and waist. Some shorts I have tried have almost too much grip in these two areas, and they can cause discomfort. There’s no sign of that with these shorts though, as the waistband and grippy bits on the legs are both soft and have enough elasticity to guarantee comfort.

All in all, I’m extremely impressed with the Emblem Undershorts. In fact, I’m struggling to find any suggestions for improvements Morvelo could make to them. At £35 even the price is reasonable! Admittedly, I’ve not worn them on an all-day ride yet, but I’m feeling confident that they’ll perform well. Once I have, I’ll let you know!


*Just a quick note: I bought these shorts with my own hard-earned pennies and have received no compensation for this review – it’s my honest opinion.


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