30 days of biking: day 23

Day 23 was the first working day of 30 days of biking when I haven’t been able to cycle to work. Today I had an out of the office meeting which meant that I had to drive. I was really quite grumpy about it, which is not something I had expected to happen when I started this challenge! It seems I’ve come to really enjoy my pedal into work.

I still needed to fit a ride in today, so this evening my husband and I took Rosie and Jim, the road bikes, for a spin. We did a 12 mile ride through the countryside with a pub tea in the middle. It was really enjoyable, despite the rookie mistake of forgetting sunnies and ending up with eyefuls of flies!

My one question from this evening’s ride: when will I feel brave enough to venture down into the drops?!

Here’s a pic of Rosie enjoying the view at the pub:

rosie pub

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