Bank holiday biking

I’ve been missing 30 days of biking this week, especially as I only managed to cycle to work on a few days because of work commitments. But I made up for it all this evening, with a lovely, sunshiny bank holiday mountain bike ride at my local stamping ground: the Mendip hills. It’s a fun place to ride, with a  a mixture of trail types – fire roads mixed in with single track and some more technical rooty runs through the woods.

I did find my normal route to be a bit more of a challenge than usual, as there seemed to be a lot of loose rocks all over the place. But it was fun nonetheless, particularly as we were treated to some truly stunning, sunny views today.


One thought on “Bank holiday biking

  1. babygreens says:

    Gorgeous! I need to get back out on our local trails too. After a long winter of barely biking more than 4 miles at a time it’s proving hard to get going again.

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