Rockets and Rascals

I’ve just come back from an impromptu holiday in the South West. We started in Devon, sleeping on a boat in a gale, and then headed to Cornwall for a few nights in a tipi near Fowey. We had a great time exploring and got some mountain bike riding in at the new Cardinham Woods trail while we were down there (more on that in a future post).

One of the highlights of our trip was the discovery of a very cool new bicycle hang-out in Plymouth. It’s called Rockets and Rascals and is a bike shop / coffee shop, selling top quality bikes and rather nice hot chocolate! (Apparently the coffee is really good too, but I’m not one for caffeine…)

We liked the place so much that my husband decided to by himself a new mountain bike! We received excellent service and they even threw in a branded tshirt for me! I have to admit, the branding and design of the place is part of its draw – it’s simply designed, with a funky, happy feel.

The shop runs group rides, mostly of the roadie nature, but I spotted they have a trail day at Cardinham coming up soon too. If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth popping in, but be careful – you might be tempted to spend!

Here are some piccies to whet your appetite:


Everyone’s favourite equation!




I fell in love with this vintage bike


The Husband’s new machine

The Rockets and Rascals website is in need of some work, but check it out anyway, in case they update it!

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