Kit Review: Bike Nicks Knicker

It’s fair to say that I can be a bit of a pessimist, or a cynic. So, when Lili from Bike Nicks – the British firm making lightly padded cycling ‘lingerie’ – got in touch to suggest that I try the Bike Nicks Knicker on my mountain bike I did raise an eyebrow. Ladies’ knickers, with lace and stuff, on a mountain bike? Really?!


Not me, but a pic of the Bike Nicks Knicker from the company’s own website. My legs have a whole heap more scars and bruises!

Lili sent me these knickers months ago and I have to admit that I put off riding in them over the winter. I’m used to a proper chamois, my favourites being my Terry liners (I can’t find a current link for them) or my Morvelo bib tights, which give the added bonus of keeping me warm on a chilly winter’s ride. I was a little reluctant to give up the guaranteed comfort of my regular cushion on rides that were already likely to be painful due to the cold.

But, this week spring has arrived here in the south west. Or at least, it’s trying to! So, on Wednesday night as I got my kit together for a night ride, I thought ‘what the heck’ and grabbed my Bike Nicks to wear beneath my baggies.

The ride was a 9 miler. Whilst there wasn’t a lot of climbing, there was plenty of pedaling and I was more than a little nervous that chafing would occur. But, it didn’t! There was no chafing whatsoever. In fact, for the most part I was extremely comfortable. The light padding in the knickers, which is no thicker than a standard panty liner, provided adequate cushioning to my lady parts and I didn’t feel like I was being bashed about at all, despite the local loop including plenty of bum-on-saddle-time.

The only discomfort I experienced was from the cold. Whilst spring is doing its best to show its very welcome face, the evenings are still pretty chilly. As the Bike Nicks are just knickers, and not full undershorts, they don’t provide any extra warmth on your thighs. My thighs got extremely cold and my muscles were more sore than usual as a result. I learnt my lesson: Bike Nicks are not for nippy rides!

And so to the all-important question: would I recommend Bike Nicks Knickers to other mountain bikers? I’m surprised to find myself saying that I would. I don’t think I’d wear them for an all day epic, where my sit bones would require more cushioning, but they were really good for a local loop, ending up in the pub – they’re certainly more comfortable in the pub than shorts with a big chamois would be. So well done Bike Nicks, your Knickers get a thumbs up from a pleasantly surprised me!


*In the spirit of full disclosure: I was sent these knickers to review, and didn’t pay for them. I didn’t receive any other reimbursement for this post and I promise it’s an honest review. I’d never be anything but honest in my own little corner of the internet.

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