One mojo, happily returned to its righful owner

Last weekend was a big one for me; it was my first weekend back in the saddle since the Cwmcarn incident. That's right, I hadn't been able to go riding for a full 11 weeks! It turned out that when I was initially told 6 weeks, they were talking nonsense and the physiotherapist I saw … Continue reading One mojo, happily returned to its righful owner

Cwmcarn and the aftermath

On Wednesday, I finally made it to Cwmcarn to ride the red trail there. I'd been talking about doing this for a while, so when the lovely Sara from the Bristol Bikellas suggested we take a post-work trip to make the most of the long summer long evenings, I jumped at the chance. I'll admit, … Continue reading Cwmcarn and the aftermath

Bank holiday biking

I've been missing 30 days of biking this week, especially as I only managed to cycle to work on a few days because of work commitments. But I made up for it all this evening, with a lovely, sunshiny bank holiday mountain bike ride at my local stamping ground: the Mendip hills. It's a fun … Continue reading Bank holiday biking